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Be Your Own Hero

Mind Your Hero was founded in 2018 by Kylie-Anne Nel. It was originally intended to be a company that just produced self-mastery journals and has since grown and expanded into a brand that offers much more.

Mind Your Hero empowers you to create abundance in your life through understanding the root causes of where your 'not enough' beliefs come from. We empower you to do deeper healing in order to transform your energy and become a magnetic attraction force to creating the life of your dreams through blending together ancient wisdom and modern day science to give you a unique healing experience.

Using the Hero Journal is the perfect tool to start the journey of becoming the Hero of your life.

Amazing & Life Changing

"I was so excited to receive my first diary, 10 weeks later I can't imagine my life with out it"


The Little Book You Never Knew You Needed

"My Hero journal is literally everything to me. I love how it grounds my for the day ahead. I also appreciate the challenges and prompts one can find in the journal."


Love It

"An amazing, thoughtful gift! I was super impressed with this journal and it’s formed part of my daily routine, improving my life!"