Hero Blend Essential Oil

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The most recent addition to the MYH online store, we are very excited to launch our signature HERO Blend Essential Oil. We created this essential oil with the goal of enabling the Mind Your Hero product range to give our customers and clients a full sensory experience (we are currently developing products which work with our full range of senses, including taste.)

By working closely with a team of people who have a comprehensive understanding of essential oils, we were able to develop a premium-quality HERO Blend which combines a selected few of the very best oils in the world.

The HERO Blend is our own unique blend that will enhance your journaling practice by allowing you to embrace your inner clarity through true expression that comes from deep within the heart and soul.

This blend is made using the highest quality CPTG oils (used for doTERRA). For this reason, they can be used directly on your skin.

The HERO Blend provides a unique experience in that when it is added to a diffuser, applied to skin or consumed directly (yes, it’s really that pure), it will assist you with feeling focused when you are journaling and provide you with a feeling of “going inward.” This is an important part of the Mind Your Hero lifestyle.

How To Use:

  • Apply over your heart and on your wrists journalling.
  • Apply to the palms of your hands, then cup your hands over your nose and inhale deeply and mindfully.


Fractionated coconut oil, CPTG essential oils (lavender, spearmint and bergamot.)