Manifestation Bundle - Digital Course

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The manifestation Bundle is the perfect toolbox to help you reach you manifestations in a fun, simple and effective way. 

What you will receive upon signing up to the manifestation bundle: 

  • Instant access to 3 phenomenal self paced course - Unleashed Manifestor, Ho'oponopono, Understanding the 12 Universal Laws 
  • Unleashed Manifestor: This is our 21 day manifestation challenge. Throughout this challenge you will be taken through Mind Your Hero's proven 5 step manifestation process that will empower you to shift your mindset and remove what is standing in your way between where you are and what you want to receive. Each day you are given a guided meditation as well as journal prompts to complete. 
  • Ho'oponopono: This beautiful ancient Hawaiian ceremony will help you release what no longer serves you and practice deep forgiveness. This forgiveness ceremony will be a catalyst for receiving your desires.
  • 12 Universal Laws: When people first come across manifestation they learn about the Law of Attraction. There are in fact 12 Universal Laws to support manifestation and when you learn how to master these laws, you can transmute them to work in your favour to bring you your desires. 

The above three courses work in combination to provide you a comprehensive toolbox in order for you to reach your manifestations. The Manifestation Bundle has seen many of our clients receive incredible results. For more information CLICK HERE. 

*N.B. Please note that you will be added to all 3 course portals within 24 hours of signing up to The Manifestation bundle. Please ensure to provide the correct email address as that will be the address that you will receive your login details to access your courses on.