Vision By Design - Digital eBook

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This eBook will help you create a vision board in alignment with your Human Design Chart. Let’s face it, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for anything in life and the same is true for creating your vision board. In the masterclass which pairs with this eBook, you will have learnt about 2/4 of the principals that you can implement when it comes to creating your vision board. This eBook guides you through the remaining 2 steps so that you can complete your vision board fully in alignment with your Human Design.

Inside Vision by Design, you will Learn:

  • What the purpose of a vision board is.
  • How a vision board works.
  • How to understand your unique strategy.
  • Your Human Design energy type.
  • If you should create a Vision board vs a Mood Board.
  • The frequency of how often you need to use it as a manifestation tool.
  • Your secret superpower.
  • How to create a digital board with Canva.
  • How to create a physical board.